This Is How Implant Surgery Done

The surgery is necessary in order to finally place the incoming dental implant. When the dental implant in Orland Park is placed, the oral, not the dental, surgeon will be making an incision. This is necessary to cut open the gum and then expose the bone. Admittedly, on the surface, it does appear to be a gritty procedure.

It goes further. Holes will then be drilled into the bone. This is where the dental implant metal post will ultimately be placed. This is a post that is going to serve as the tooth’s new root. And to make certain that it stays there, it will be implanted quite deep into the bone. But there will still be a gap where the missing tooth used to be. But for aesthetic purposes whilst the procedure and its subsequent healing schedules are being adhered to, a partial or temporary denture could be placed.

In a case like this the patient will still be able to remove the partial denture for cleaning and care. After the metal implant has been placed into the patient’s jawbone, a process of osseointegration needs to be completed. It is during this process that the jawbone will grow and ultimately unite with the tip of the dental implant.

But do note that this is a process that is likely to take quite a few months. Even so, it is necessary because a solid base will lay the foundation for the new tooth. Furthermore, additional surgery may be required to place an abutment. This is the set piece where a crown will be attached. The surgery here is minor, actually.

dental implant in Orland Park

There is more to follow, actually. For the best dental implants to be placed, expect a timeline of up to two years.