Common Questions About Behavioral Health Services

Individuals around the world are trying to cope with the problems of their lives, though many do not know that they suffer from an undiagnosed issue. When you are not aware that you have a mental health condition, you may find yourself in distress and worrying about what is going on with your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

What types of treatments do you offer for mental health?

·    Medication: Medication on its own will not cure illness, but it can alleviate symptoms and enhance the effectiveness of other treatment methods, such as psychotherapy.

·    Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy is also known as talk therapy and gives you a chance to learn about your behaviors and feelings and how to cope with them and improve your mental health.

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·    Substance abuse treatment: Substance abuse can be co-occurring with a mental health disorder and can be treated by going through a detox program and attending inpatient or outpatient behavioral health services in willoughby, oh.

How do I know if I need mental health treatment?

Mental health conditions vary in their symptoms and signs, but some of the general things you may notice include:

·    Inability to cope

·    Excessive anxiety

·    Substance abuse

·    Mood swings that are extreme

·    Extreme or strange ideas

·    Prolonged loss of interests

·    Depression

How do I talk to someone about getting treatment?

It can be difficult to start a conversation about another person’s mental health, but this can be pivotal to their treatment. Ask questions, such as how you can help, and let them know that you care about their safety and well-being.

If you or a loved one may be dealing with a mental health issue, you will need to seek professional help from a mental health specialist near you if you want to get the best treatment possible.